Major U.S. House Race to be Decided Today

Jun 20, 2017

The House race between Democrat Jon Osloff and Republican Karen Handel has not only turned out to be the most expensive race in history it is being closely watched by both sides as a possible precursor to next year’s House races. The district being contested is a district held for years by Republicans, most recently by Tom Price who is now Trump’s Secretary of HHS.

Osloff has a slight lead in the polls despite the fact that he does not live in the district and can’t even vote for himself. The Democrat strategy has been to run Osloff as a moderate in order to attract voters that they believe dislike Trump. However as has been the case in the past there are no moderate Democrats in Congress any more.

Stocks Hit Record High Again

Jun 20, 2017

Despite all of the negative attacks by Democrats and liberals in the media President Donald Trump appears to be continuing his successes in an area that is the most important to most Americans; the economy. Yesterday, the stock market reached another record high which indicates that investors continue to have an optimistic outlook over the way the country is headed.

One category of stocks that is surging is the tech stocks that had been falling for quite some time. When the stock market surge is combined with the record drop in unemployment and other economic indicators such as the growth rate Americans have reason to continue to be optimistic.

Otto Warmbier has Died

Jun 20, 2017

Otto Warmbier, the young student at the University of Virginia who was arrested by the North Koreans for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel in North Kores and subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison has died. The Trump administration obtained his release after discovering that the 22 year old had been in a comma for over a year.

Both his parents and the President have accused the North Korean regime of causing the coma by the brutal treatment he suffered at the hands of his captors. Otto was sent back to the United States, but doctors were unable to save him and he died a few days after his release. At least three other Americans remain captives of the North Koreans.

Major First Amendment Decision in the Supreme Court

Jun 20, 2017

In an unusual and somewhat unprecedented unanimous decision by the United States Supreme Court the right of free speech has been defended. A band made up of Asian Americans decided to call itself the Slants, and tried to get a federal trademark for the name. The band members were turned by politically correct federal bureaucrats who said that some people might find the name offensive.

The Supreme Court ruled that even “offensive” speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. This ruling is being hailed by the Washington Redskins football team that has been under attack for years because of its name.

Kenya Looks To Israel For Agriculture Solutions

Jun 19, 2017

Kenya is having to import food in response to a severe drought. It is partnering with Israel to develop solutions. A pilot agriculture project run by an Israeli company is having success. The project is being funded by the Kenyan government. The test project third harvest collected 93,860 bags of maize from 2,500 acres. The purpose of the pilot project is to introduce new technologies and to teach Kenyan farmers methods of integrating the technology with growing crops. Israel is taking 100 Kenyans a year for six years for training in Israel. Israel has little rain water. It developed a drip irrigation system using treated water so that it could produce enough food to feed itself. It’s been so successful that Israel exports food.

North Korean Travel Ban Possible

Jun 19, 2017

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said Wednesday, “We have been evaluating whether we should put some type of travel visa restriction to North Korea. We have not come to a final conclusion, but we are considering it.” The Secretary said this in light of North Korea’s treatment of Otto Warmbier, the college student jailed by the government. Since 2000, there have been fifteen known cases of Americans detained by North Korea. One school of thought in Washington thinks that the U.S. government’s options for response are limited. One concern is that the three Americans currently imprisoned in North Korea may be harmed if the American government responds to Warmbier’s treatment. The other school of thought thinks that sanctions against North Korea could be tightened and that China could be told that it can either do business with the United States or North Korea, but not both. North Korea is building nuclear weapons that potentially could reach the United States. Money that American tourists spend in North Korea allows the government the cash needed to buy the resources needed to build up its ballistic missiles.

President Trump Not Under Investigation

Jun 19, 2017

One of the attorneys on President Trump’s outside legal team said that the president is not under investigation. President Trump fired off a tweet on Friday saying, “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.” In an effort to tamp down speculation, Attorney Jay Sekulow appeared on Sunday news programs and repeatedly emphasized “the president has not been and is not under investigation.” “I can’t read people’s minds, but I can tell you this, we have not been notified that there’s an investigation to the president of the United States. So that — nothing has changed in that regard since James Comey’s testimony,” said Sekulow. Sekulow emphasized that the president was frustrated by former Directory Comey’s unwillingness to publicly announce that President Trump was not under investigation. The president believes rumors of investigation have hurt his ability to advance his agenda.

London Vehicle Runs Into People

Jun 19, 2017

Early Monday morning in London, a vehicle drove into a group of people. The driver of a van ran over people as they exited a London mosque at the conclusion of Ramadan prayers. At least twelve people were injured. Two people are feared dead. A man was arrested at the scene. Bystanders took down the suspect and pinned him to the ground until police could make an arrest. The incident comes two weeks after the London Bridge terror attack where eight people were killed and 50 were injured.

Peace March A Flop

Jun 19, 2017

A peace march was to be held in Cologne, Germany on Saturday. Organizers expected 10,000 Muslims to show up to stand in solidarity against the wave of terror attacks across large European cities. However, a couple of hundred people showed up. Many of whom were not Muslims. Germany’s larges Islamic organization announced earlier in the week that it would not participate. The Turkish-Islamic Union said that Muslims observing Ramadan could not be expected to endure summer temperatures. And that the march might send the wrong message “by suggesting that international terrorism is mainly a Muslim problem.”

White House Hiring Crawling At A Snail’s Pace

Jun 19, 2017

74 percent of key executive branch positions still have no nominee. There have been 94 formal nominations, but the Senate has only confirmed 42. With the investigation into Russian influence in the election, the Trump White House has become an unpopular place to work. The ongoing investigation, the appointment of a special counsel, the constant leaking is causing potential nominees to drop out of consideration. Additionally, poor messaging from the White House is a concern. Statements from communications staff are contradicted by the president. It makes the executive branch look erratic.

Seven Sailors Killed in Collision

Jun 19, 2017

Seven U.S. sailors were killed when a large Japanese container ship plowed into the destroyer USS Fitzgerald on Friday night. “The damage included a significant impact under the ship's pilothouse on the starboard side and a large puncture below the ship's waterline, opening the hull to the sea.”

Why a cargo ship rammed a U.S. destroyer is the question under investigation. Some retired military captains speculated that the U.S. ship may not have followed international regulations requiring ships to give way to other vessels on their right side. The collision occurred in one of Japan’s busiest shipping lanes. 400 vessels a day go through the region where the collision occurred. Despite the damage, the ship is expected to be repaired and returned to service in the U.S. 7th Fleet. Repairs may take a year.

Bankrupt? But I Have Lots of Checks Left!

Jun 19, 2017

The financial situation in Illinois continues to deteriorate. New court orders stemming from lawsuits filed by state suppliers require the Comptroller to pay out more than the state receives in revenue each month.

The state is sitting on $15 billion in overdue bills and has the lowest credit rating of any state. The threat of being further downgraded to junk status hangs over the state’s bonds. The state is negotiating deals with creditors to lower the penalties it will pay if the states’ credit rating drops to junk status. Contractors in the state have been told stop working on the roads other than what is required for safety.

The next fiscal year for the state begins July 1.

Texas Governor Signs Anti-Sharia Law

Jun 19, 2017

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has signed a new passed by the legislature commonly called “American Law for American Courts” that outlaws the use of Islamic Sharia law in any Texas court, either criminal or civil. Islamic law is designed to favor Muslims over “infidels” i.e. non-Muslims in civil matters and as an excuse for criminal activities such as “honor killings” of Muslim men of their wives and daughters.

Similar laws have been passed by states in the past, including a state constitutional amendment passed overwhelmingly by voters in Oklahoma, but were struck down by federal courts after suits were filed by Muslim activists and Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder. Governor Abbott appears confident that there will be a different outcome today.

U.S. Plane Takes out Syrian Jet Attacking Coalition Forces

Jun 19, 2017

In the first incident of its kind since the Syrian civil war started in 2011 an U.S. Air Force jet shot down a Syrian jet fighter that was attacking coalition positions including American forces who are training resistance fighters against the Assad regime. The Syrian jet dropped bombs near coalition positions and was clearly attempting to inflict damage and casualties.

Of course, the Assad regime claims otherwise and said the jet was attacking ISIS forces in the area although there were not any known to be in that location. This serves as a clear warning to Assad that such action against coalition forces will not be tolerated.

Elizabeth Warren Issues Warning to Donald Trump

Jun 19, 2017

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is best known for her abrasive manner and hysterical rhetoric against anyone who dares to disagree with her far left position, has now issued a warning to the President. She has stated that President Trump “has not seen nasty yet”. It appears she believes being nasty is the way for her to continue to be the darling of the far left that now firmly controls the Democrat party. She clearly believes that she should be the next Democrat nominee for President. To many Republicans that could be the best thing to happen to their party. After all, this woman falsified applications for college grants by claiming she was of American Indian heritage. That was later proven to be an outright lie.

Trump Lawyer Says President is not Under Investigation

Jun 19, 2017

Jay Sekulow, one of President Donald Trump’s personal attorneys was adamant yesterday on the Sunday talk shows that the President is not under personal investigation for anything by any federal agency including the FBI. This directly contradicts the mainstream drumbeat that continues to claim that according to their famous unnamed sources the President is being investigated for crimes including obstruction of justice.

Sekulow correctly pointed out that there is no factual evidence to prove that anything defined as obstruction occurred. The President never ordered anyone in the Justice Department or the FBI to do anything, and the chief executive can fire the FBI director anytime he wants.

Insider Attacks increasing in Afghanistan

Jun 19, 2017

In the last two weeks three American soldiers have been killed and seven wounded by so-called insider attacks at U.S. Afghan army bases. The attacks were carried out by Afghans who were masquerading as Afghan soldiers. It is a long standing practice of the Taliban to plant their men in Afghan military units in order to ultimately kill loyal Afghan soldiers as well as Americans.

This has been going on since the war started and now there is concern that if Secretary of Defense Mattis does deploy additional American troops to the country it will provide even more targets for the Taliban. However, it may also increase security.

ANTIFA Protestor Stabs Police Horse in the Neck

Jun 19, 2017

While a mounted Pennsylvania State Police officer was protecting peaceful protestors in Harrisburg during an anti-Sharia march violent ANTFA radicals showed up to attack the marchers. One of the so-called anti fascists, Lisa Simon took things a step further and stabbed the officer’s horse in the neck. She apparently was trying to stampede the animal so it would careen into the crowd and cause injuries.

However, the horse Sampson held his ground and continued with his duties. Simon was wrestled to the ground by other officers, arrested, and charged with multiple felonies. She is still in jail on a $100,000 bond, but her group of fellow radicals claims the charges are fabricated.

Bodies of Seven U.S. Navy Sailors Found on Damaged Ship

Jun 19, 2017

Several days after a disastrous mid sea collision between the guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald and a much larger Japanese container ship, the bodies of seven missing American sailors have been located on the ship. The sailors were located in the damaged portion of the ship that had originally been impossible to access.

Both U.S. and Japanese authorities are investigating the cause of the crash that occurred at around 2:30 in the morning. Initial reports indicate that the container ship was sailing erratically and not following normal navigation rules of the sea.

Approval Numbers Increase for Trump

Jun 19, 2017

President Trump’s approval numbers are at 50 percent according to the Rasmussen presidential daily tracking poll. Half the country approves of President Trump and the other half disapproves. A driving factor behind the poll is that voter optimism with the economy is soaring. At least 61 percent of likely voters think the American economy is in fair condition. When the economy is doing well, it tends to reflect well on the president in power. When President Trump took office in January, his approval ratings hit a high of 59 percent. In April his rating hit a low of 42 percent.

NYC Politician Wonders Why Storefronts Are Empty

Jun 19, 2017

A New York City politician wants to fine landlords of commercial property if they don’t rent their properties. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer says, “Those are the heart and soul of your neighborhood. And I think when they’re empty for a long period of time you feel depressed.” Brewer surveyed an area of 244 blocks and found 188 empty store fronts. She thinks the vitality of neighborhoods is being killed off by the vacancies. But Brewer makes no mention of New York City’s high taxes, business licensing requirements, and the other costs that make it difficult to do business in the city. The Real Estate Board of New York opposes any legislation that would fine landlords for not renting their properties.

More Troops Heading to Afghanistan.

Jun 19, 2017

The Trump Administration is ramping up the number of troops in Afghanistan. 4,000 additional soldiers will be sent. The decision to commit additional troops was made by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. President Trump gave Mattis the authority to determine troop levels. This contrasts with the Obama Administration. President Obama was deeply involved in making decisions. The additional troops will train and advise Afghan forces. Some will conduct countertenor operations agains the Taliban and ISIS. The Islamic State has been successful in with taking back territory once controlled by U.S. and Afghan forces.

Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Jun 19, 2017

Amazon will buy Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion. Amazon has been experimenting with “how people pick, pay for and get groceries delivered.” Owning hundreds of stores will allow Amazon to have a physical footprint. In addition to experimenting with groceries, it will give Amazon a way to deliver other products faster and more cheaply. Shipping costs are one of Amazon’s biggest costs. Grocery industry stocks fell significantly. Kroger was the biggest loser, falling as much as 17 percent on Friday. Investors think that the grocery industry will change significantly over the next several years.

Minimum Wage Affects Restaurant

Jun 19, 2017

In Washington the minimum wage is currently $11 an hour. At Denny’s there is no longer a hostess to greet customers. The restaurant can’t afford to pay for that position any longer. Waitresses and managers clear and clean tables. Busboys have been phased out because of the high cost of labor. So a teenager wanting his first job, can’t get a job because the restaurant can’t afford to pay him. Minimum wage laws create unemployment. People who have no skills but who want to work, should have the freedom to contract at whatever market price the business and individual can agree on.

Starbucks Employees Mock Customer

Jun 19, 2017

Kayla Hart wore a Donald Trump shirt into a Starbucks on Wednesday in North Carolina. Instead of being greeted and the cashier taking her order, the cashier laughed at her. Before shoving a drink towards Hart, the drink was labeled with a political message that mocked her support of the president. Other employees in the back of the store started laughing at Hart. The laughter was enough to get the attention of all the other customers in the store so that everyone was staring at Hart. She walked out. She submitted a complaint to the company. Starbucks issued a statement: “We failed to meet this customer's expectations of us, and we have apologized and are working directly with her to make it right. This experience is not consistent with our standards or the welcoming and respectful experience we aim to provide every customer who visit our stores. We have spoken with our store partners about this situation and are using this as a coaching opportunity for the future.”

Protesters Stop Julius Caeser

Jun 19, 2017

The play, Julius Caesar, was performed in New York City Friday night. The play depicts Julius Caesar looking very much like President Trump. Laura Loomer from Rebel Media, walked onto the stage in the middle of the performance. She shouted that this was political violence against the right and that it was unacceptable. The play was paused while security rushed to the stage to escort the woman out of the venue. As she was leaving, Jack Prosobiec, from Rebel Media, stood up in the middle of the audience and began to rebuke the crowd saying, “You are all Goebbels. You are all Nazis. You are inciting terrorists. The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands. Goebbles would be proud.” Prosobiec was escorted out of the venue by security. Increasingly the right is adopting the tactics of the left. Shutting down free speech is not a wise tactic.

Competition Heating Up in Grocery Business

Jun 16, 2017

The German grocery chain, Lidl opened ten stores in the United States on Thursday. The company plans to open 80 stores on the East Cost by the middle of 2018. The company hopes to offer considerably lower prices. While larger than their German counterparts, Lidl stores in America will be about 20,000 square feet with six aisles. Rather than sell multiple brands of the same items, Lidl emphasizes exclusive brands. Lidl US CEO, Brendan Proctor, says, “Our mission every day is to deliver our customers less complexity, lower prices, better choices and greater confidence.” On the same day that Lidl opened its stores, Kroger announced a 0.2% drop in same store sales. Competition in the grocery industry is increasing and pressure on prices is getting greater.

Draining the Swamp

Jun 16, 2017

The Department of Energy is closing its Office of International Climate and Technology and eliminating 11 staff positions. The office was created in 2010. Staff members “worked with other countries in order to develop clean energy technology and reduce greenhouse gases.” A spokesman for the DOE said that the department was “looking for ways to consolidate the many duplicate programs that currently exist within DOE.” The closure of the office comes shortly after President Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate agreement.

Otto Warmbier, the American college student held captive by North Korea for 17 months is back in the United States.

Jun 16, 2017

He has been in a coma since the day after he was sentenced. American doctors did not find any signs of botulism. But they are suggesting that Warmbier suffered from extensive brain damage. Warmbier is showing signs of cardiopulmonary arrest. This is were the blood supply to the brain is not sufficient for a period of time resulting in the death of brain tissue. Warmbier is experiencing “unresponsive wakefulness”. He can open his eyes and has functioning reflexes, but is not responsive to other tests of consciousness. Doctors have not given a prognosis.

Russian Probe Uncovers Questions About Loretta Lynch

Jun 16, 2017

The Russian probe has led to questions about possible wrongdoing by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton in her plane for about thirty minutes. Bill Clinton’s wife was under investigation for her mishandling of emails. During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Comey said that Loretta Lynch directed him to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a “matter” instead of an investigation or a criminal probe. Comey conceded in his testimony that the appointment of a special counsel would have been appropriate because of Comey’s concerns about Lynch. Judicial Watch said in a statement, “Attorney General Lynch’s meeting with President Clinton creates the appearance of a violation of law, ethical standards and good judgment.” Some Republicans have been calling for Loretta Lynch to be called to testify about her actions.

Ken Starr Says No Obstruction Case

Jun 16, 2017

Former independent prosecutor, Ken Starr, said that he doesn’t believe there is an obstruction of justice case against President Trump. "Obstruction of justice is really a very hard crime to make out," Starr said. "It's not just you want the investigation to go away, you suggest that the investigation goes away – you have to take really affirmative action." President Trump said that he hoped Comey could see his way to letting Flynn go. But Comey continued with the investigation. Because Comey did not take it as an order, it would be hard to prove obstruction of justice.

Roll Back of Cuban Accord

Jun 16, 2017

President Trump will announce new restrictions on dealing with Cuba. Trump will clearly ban tourist travel to the island. People who do visit will be required to maintain detailed notes of financial transactions and retain them for five years. The trade embargo will be restated, and he will institute a broad prohibition on financial transactions with companies controlled by the Cuban military. The goal of the restrictions to end transactions that benefit the Castro regime. Some things won’t be changing. Remittances from Cubans living in America will be allowed. The American embassy in Havana will continue as an embassy.

Vice President Hires Attorney

Jun 16, 2017

Vice President Pence hired a personal attorney on Thursday to represent him in the special counsel’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Richard Cullen will represent the Vice President. Cullen was U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia under George H.W. Bush. Issues that may involve the Vice President include former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Flynn may have misled Pence about conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador. And Pence was one of those officials who were asked to leave the room when President Trump indicated to James Comey that he hoped Flynn would not be charged.

American Government’s War on Cash

Jun 16, 2017

Republicans and Democrats introduced legislation which extends the authority of the government to seize American’s assets through Civil Asset Forfeiture. Government agents would create a “border protection strategy to interdict and detect prepaid access devices, digital currencies, or other similar instruments, at border crossings and other ports of entry for the United States.” Companies would have to monitor the size of activity on prepaid credit cards, prepaid phones, prepaid retail gift cards and prepaid coupons. This has nothing to do with fighting terrorism. It is a war against the freedom to use cash.

Occupational Freedom

Jun 16, 2017

Occupational licensing is taking a hit. Earlier this month, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed legislation to legalize natural or African-style hair braiding. Anyone in New Hampshire can now braid hair without government permission. In Tennessee, a government license is no longer needed to do something as mundane as shampooing hair. Occupational licensing has increased fourfold from the 1950s. 25% of American workers need a license to work. Licensing raises prices and restricts economic opportunity. Once study estimated that licensing costs consumers $203 billion a year. The governors of Arizona and Idaho recently issued executive orders to review the state’s occupational licensing and identify areas for reform. Eliminating occupational licensing will give more opportunity to people who want to work, but face costly educational restrictions associated with licensing.

Georgia GOP Candidate Receives Threat

Jun 16, 2017

On June 20th there will be a special Congressional election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District for the House of Representatives seat vacated by the appointment of Tom Price to be the HHS secretary in the Trump administration. The Republican candidate Karen Handel is in a virtual tie with her Democrat opponent Jon Ossoff despite the fact that Hollywood democrats and others have poured millions into his campaign.

Now, there is a new wrinkle in the campaign because shortly after the attempted assassination of Congressional Republicans in Virginia; Handel received a threatening letter with a suspicious substance in it at her home, and several of her neighbors also received threatening letters with the same or similar substance. This appears to be a dangerous escalation of the far left hate campaign since it now includes candidates for Congress and even potential voters.

Dirty Bomb Threat Hits U.S. Port

Jun 16, 2017

A major concern over the past few years for Homeland Security officials is the ue of a ‘dirty bomb” in the United States. A dirty bomb is not technically a nuclear bomb but uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive waste debris over a large area when detonated. The result would be major contamination and many deaths.

Now, there has been an incident mostly ignored by the media that involves a dirty bomb scare at the port of Charleston, South Carolina. Coast Guard officials have confirmed that a terminal in the port was evacuated and the port effectively shut down for hours after a bomb was reported to be on a ship that had just entered the port. No bomb was found, but it is a lesson that shows that even the threat can cause a major disruption of commerce.

More Unnamed Sources Used by New York Times

Jun 16, 2017

In yet another incident where the mainstream media cites unnamed sources to launch attacks on President Trump and his administration the New York Times cited five unnamed federal officials in a report that Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice. These incidents are raising grave concern among legal scholars.

First, there is no way to confirm the reports or even the existence of the sources. In addition, if these sources are real and the leaks are coming from the office of the Special Counsel or other federal employees they are direct violations of federal law and could result in prosecutions. They also may raise concerns about the non-partisan nature of the Special Counsel’s investigation.

More Anti-Trump Craziness

Jun 16, 2017

On the heels of the attack of a Sanders supporter on members of Congress and their staffs, other incidents occurred that indicate that the insane reactions to Donald Trump and his supporters is getting further out of hand. In Indianapolis, Indiana a man was shot at while driving his pickup truck with a “Make America Great Again” and an American flag. The police are looking for two shooters that were driving a passing car.

In a less dangerous, but still disturbing incident in Charlotte, North Carolina a woman reported that she was mocked and harassed by employees at a Starbucks when she was buying a cup of coffee while wearing a Trump T-shirt. The incident was confirmed by several other customers and Starbucks has apologized.

New York Times Apologizes for Article Rehashing False Claims against Palin

Jun 16, 2017

Over six years ago when Representative Gabby Giffords was shot in an attempted assassination many in the media tried to blame the shooting that left Gifford wounded and others dead and wounded on Sarah Palin. The claim was that the posting of a target on the internet on Giffords Congressional District Palin has instigated the attack.

This theory quickly fell apart when it was pointed out that Palin was putting targets on the maps of Congressional Districts with vulnerable Democrats not on the faces of individuals. It was also found that the shooter had been stalking Giffords for months and was actually a Democrat. That did not stop the Times from running the same story the day after the Scalise shooting and then apologizing or it. The newspaper seems to be apologizing a lot lately.

Huffington Post Writer Responds to Scalise Shooting with Scary Advice.

Jun 16, 2017

Some members of the left wing news media seemed almost giddy over the attempted assassination of Republican lawmakers by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Some sent out tweets that seemed to find humor in the fact that Congressman Steve Scalise was in the hospital in critical condition after being shot.

However, Jesse Benn, an alleged journalist for the far left Huffington Post took everything a step further. He not only failed to condemn the shooting, but advised future shooters to make more organized and therefore more effective attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters. This followed the Post pulling another article from its website that directly called for the assassination of President Trump.

Leaked Report Shows Increase In No-Go Zones in Sweden

Jun 15, 2017

The number of no-go zones in Sweden rose from 15 to 23 in two years according to a leaked report. No-go zones tend to be neighborhoods dominated by migrants. The areas see extensive drug trafficking, gang crime, and religious extremism. Information regarding the updated list of no-go zones was supposed to be published, but the national police chief stopped its publication. Recently postal deliveries to several dozen homes in a Stockholm suburb were stopped because the area was considered unsafe. Construction on a police station was suspended in March because contractors were not willing to send their workers to the unsafe area.

Blaming Guns

Jun 15, 2017

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was quick to blame guns for the attempted assassination of Representative Steve Scalise. “There are too many guns on the street…we worry about this every day for all of our citizens,” said McAuliffe. He went on to say, “we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.” If this were true, the population in America would be gone in four days. The governor corrected his claim to say that “we lose 93 Americans a day to gun violence.” But even this number is suspect. It includes firearm-related suicides. McAuliffe’s number more than doubles the number of people who are actually murdered with a firearm. McAuliffe is thought to be a possible presidential contender in 2020.

Trump Gets Sued On Wednesday

Jun 15, 2017

196 Congressional plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against President Trump. The basis of the suit is the little-known Emoluments Clause. Because President Trump is allegedly receiving foreign money through the Trump Organization without congressional approval, he is supposedly violating the clause. The Emoluments clause has never been litigated. If the suit is found to have standing, Democrats would be able to have discovery of President Trump’s financial records including his tax returns. Democrats will judge shop. They will look for a partisan judge, appointed by Obama or Clinton to get the outcome they desire.

Federal Reserve Increases Interest Rates

Jun 15, 2017

The Federal Reserve’s overnight borrowing rate was raised on Wednesday. The central bank is targeting a rate between 1 percent and 1.25 percent. One more interest rate increase is expected in 2017. The Federal Reserve also announced plans for how it will begin to liquidate the securities that it bought during the financial crisis. To begin unwinding its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, the Fed will not reinvest some of the funds it receives from the proceeds of maturing bonds. It will only invest money back into the market if it receives more than $6 billion in principal a month. This $6 billion cap will increase every three months until it hits $30 billion a month.

EU Sues Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic

Jun 15, 2017

The European Commission sued Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. These countries crimes? They refused to accept Muslim migrants into their countries. This refusal put them “in breach of their legal obligations” to other member states. The legal action will take months, even years. The EU Court could potentially impose fines. The three countries cite security concerns, pointing out the escalation of Islamic attacks since 2015. To their credit, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have had little if any terrorist attacks on their soil.

Erdogan’s Bodyguards To Be Charged

Jun 15, 2017

When Turkish President Erdogan visited the Turkish Embassy during his May 16th visit, his bodyguards left the Turkish compound and beat up several protesters. In video the bodyguards are seen choking a woman, shoving police, and punching a man. Protesters gathered outside the embassy to expose the Turkish regime’s abuses of power. The vicious assaults have been under investigation by the D.C. police, State Department, and Secret Service. Officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that charges would be announced on Thursday. The Turkish ambassador was summoned to the State Department told “in the strongest possible terms” that the behavior was wrong and a violation of free speech rights in America.

Rare Surgery

Jun 15, 2017

Conjoined twin girls underwent an 11 hour surgery last week to separate them. Abby and Erin Delaney were joined at the head. The plan to separate the 10 month old girls took months of meticulous planning. Teams of neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and critical-care physicians studied brain scans and 3-D models to find the best and safest way to separate the girls. The surgical team began as one team to separate the girls and then divided to to finish the reconstruction portion of the operation. In separation surgeries, sometimes the twins don’t survive, or one twin does survive and the other does not.

Congressional Baseball Game

Jun 15, 2017

The Congressional Baseball Game began in 1909. It was organized by Representative John Tener of Pennsylvania who himself was a former professional baseball player. From 1909 to 1949, only House members participated. That changed in 1950 when a Senator from each party joined the game. While the game pits Republicans and Democrats against each other, it gives some relief to the sharp partisanship that divides members. Former Congressman, Tim Bishop says, “The baseball game is one of the last remaining pieces of bipartisan comity that exists in Washington.” Over the years the Congressional Baseball game has evolved into a fundraiser for local charities in the District of Columbia. This year it is supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, and The Washington Literacy Center.

Senate Passes Sanctions on Russia

Jun 15, 2017

In a 97-2 vote, the U.S. Senate passed legislation that would impose new sanctions on Russia and Iran. Democrats are pushing the strongest bill possible as retribution for the Russians having somehow interfered in the 2016 elections. The legislation seeks to assert Congress as the final arbiter of sanctions relief and not the president. The legislation would codify the previous sanctions into law and add new sanctions affecting Russia’s defense and military. The White House has not announced where it stands on congressional review of sanctions.

Feds Serious About War on MS-13

Jun 15, 2017

In the one month since President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared all-out war on the violent MS-13 street gang it has been proven to already be working in places like Long Island, New York. In the past 30 days ICE and other Homeland Security agents made 45 arrests in the area and 39 of them were members of MS-13.

All of them were in this country illegally and those not charged with crimes will be deported. In the past, gang members have been charged with drug and human trafficking, murder, and kidnapping among other crimes. Long Island has been ground zero for numerous brutal murders in recent months and that is the main reason the crackdown on MS-13 members began there.

Trump Gives Full Authority to Secretary Mattis in Afghanistan

Jun 15, 2017

The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for almost seventeen years; the longest war in American history. In 2008 the war seemed to be on the verge of ending successfully and then Barack Obama was elected President. He took the fighting of the war away from American military commanders and troops and began to micromanage the war. His goal seemed to be to have the U.S. fight some type of “politically correct” war and according to many in the military snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Donald Trump is determined to reverse that trend and has given Secretary of Defense James Mattis full authority over troop deployments in Afghanistan with the directive to defeat the Taliban and win the war.

Texas Leads Fifteen Other States in Supporting Trump Travel Order

Jun 15, 2017

While the mainstream media is trying to give the impression that opposition to President Donald Trump’s Executive order limiting travel to the United States from six countries that are considered unstable and dangerous is overwhelming, it turns out that is not the case. These named countries received this declaration during the Obama administration and cannot provide information about their citizens to allow the U.S. to properly vet them.

Several United States District Courts and Court of Appeals have struck down the enforcement of the order as a result of lawsuits filed by several states and open border groups. Texas leads fifteen other states that have filed a brief with the United States Supreme Court asking that the order upheld. Other states include Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, and North Dakota.

Iranians Train Laser on U.S. Helicopter

Jun 15, 2017

In what may be one of the most dangerous provocations yet against the United States Navy by the Iranians one of their vessels trained a laser beam on the cockpit of a U.S. Marine Corps helicopter in the Strait of Hormuz. Such an action could be considered an act of war since because it was done at night it could have caused the pilot to lose control and crash.

The helicopter crew responded by firing flares at the enemy vessel. The incident occurred while the U.S. Navy had two warships and a cargo ship in the strait. The Iranian vessel that was a missile ship came within 800 yards of the American vessels.

After Representative Scalise was Shot Another Republican is Threatened

Jun 15, 2017

Not long after a lone gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress and their staff members; another Republican member of the House of Representatives received a death threat. Rep. Claudia Tenney is from New York and she received an email with the heading “One down, 216 to go’ obviously referring to the 217 Republican members of the House.

The body of the email makes a specific threat against Tenney and comes on the heels of a Memorial Day post on her Facebook page about her son in the Marine Corps. deployed in the Middle East that hoped he would come home in a body bag. Tenney has only been in the House since last November.

Members of Congress Targeted by Gunman

Jun 15, 2017

As they were practicing for the traditional baseball game between Democrats and Republicans in Congress a gunman showed up and began shooting at Republican lawmakers and members of their staffs. Several people were wounded including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise from Louisiana. Fortunately, since Scalise is a leader in Congress he had a security detail with him consisting of two Capitol police officers.

When the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, a former Bernie Sanders campaign worker from Illinois, opened fire the heroic police officers returned fire and killed him. Both of the officers were wounded. According to witnesses, if they had not been there it would have been a massacre.

Establishment Candidates Win in Virginia

Jun 14, 2017

Virginia’s gubernatorial elections are the year after presidential elections. Gubernatorial elections tend to be a quick referendum on the newly elected president. Virginia Democratic voters voted for Ralph Northam over Tom Perriello. Perriello sought the support of progressive voters who identified with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Ralph Northam is the current Lt. Governor of Virginia and won the traditional Democratic constituency. He had the endorsement of every Democrat in the General Assembly. Republican Ed Gillespie was in a razor thin primary fight with Trump supporter and advocate, Corey Stewart. Stewart is waiting until all precincts report before conceding the election. Gillespie is an establishment Republican who served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee under George H. W. Bush. Democrat voters turned out in far greater numbers than did Republican voters.

Michigan Democrats in Trouble

Jun 14, 2017

The Michigan Democratic Party was fined $500,000 for under reporting contributions brought in through Bingo fundraisers. Democrats under reported $4.4 million over a period of 14 years. The Federal Elections Commission found that “Democrats had accepted anonymous cash contributions, understated contributions, and reported false contributions and refunds.” The fine could have been several million dollars but was negotiated down. The Democratic Party in Michigan will have to amend past reports, retain an accounting firm and have a treasure address compliance issues.

Voter Fraud Discovered

Jun 14, 2017

Voter fraud was discovered in Indiana. 11 canvassers and their supervisor were arrested for turning in fraudulent voter registration applications. Suspicious voter registrations were found in Hendricks County. An investigation expanded to over 56 other counties in the state. According to an unsealed search warrant, canvassers claim that they were faced with losing their jobs if they did not register a minimum of 10 new voters a day. They were told “to obtain their quota by any means necessary.” The defendants face up to 2 ½ years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Democrats Change Rules So They Can Win

Jun 14, 2017

Democrats in California raised the gasoline tax by 12 cents. It’s sparked a voter revolt in southern California. State Senator Josh Newman is facing a recall vote. Angry voters turned in over 30,000 signatures. So Democrats are changing the law affecting recall elections. The legislation would give any voter who signed the petition 30 days to change their mind and have their signature removed. And ten days to update their tally of signatures. Lawmakers would also have an additional 30 days to study the financial impact of the recall elections. Governor Brown is expected to sign the legislation. The bill is designed to affect the recall election of Newman, even though the signatures were collected under current law.

Who Pays Taxes?

Jun 14, 2017

Spain’s soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of underpaying his taxes by $16.5 million. Ronaldo is accused of taking “advantage of a business structure created in 2010 to hide from fiscal authorities income generated in Spain from image rights.” The soccer player is facing four counts of tax fraud. According to the counts, Ronaldo did not declare income of $31.8 million from the image rights. He’s also accused of not fully reporting his income between 2011-14. Government prosecutors say his real income for those years was nearly $48 million.

Sessions On Hot Seat

Jun 14, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Attorney General emphatically denied that he or any of Trump’s advisors worked with the Russians to affect the outcome of the election. Sessions revealed that he began exploring his recusal from the Russian investigation from his first day in office and decided that recusing himself would be appropriate and the right thing. To the exasperation of several Senators, Sessions declined to answer certain questions about his conversation with the president. He asserted that it was a long standing practice of the Department of Justice to protect confidential discussions with the president. Finally, Sessions said that numerous investigation are ongoing to identify leakers within the government.

North Korea Releases College Student

Jun 14, 2017

An American college student was released by North Korea on Tuesday. The 22-year-old student was struck with botulism two months into his incarceration. He’s been in a coma ever since. Otto Warmbler was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for taking down a propaganda poster in his hotel. During his trial, he was forced to read a confession detailing his crime and to beg forgiveness from the North Korean government. A statement was issued by the U.S. State Department announcing the release of Otto Warmbler from North Korea and also highlighted continued discussions regarding three other Americans being held. It’s unclear if Mr. Warmbler will regain consciousness.

American Student Comes Home From North Korean Prison

Jun 14, 2017

Otto Warmbier, a 22 year old American college student has come home from a North Korean prison, but not in the way his family had wanted. The young man was sentenced over a year ago to 15 years in prison for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster from the hotel where he was staying. The North Koreans claimed he was committing espionage on orders from the CIA.

Now he has been released in a coma that he has been in for a year. The North Koreans claim it was a result of contracting botulism, but American doctors who flew into North Korea to get him cannot confirm that. Instead, it is believed that the young man was repeatedly beaten by his captors. At least three other Americans are being held by the Kim Jong Un regime.

Florida Sheriff Urges Citizens to Arm Themselves

Jun 14, 2017

While the police chief in the sanctuary city of Austin, Texas wants his police officers to profile and vet “gun enthusiasts, a Sheriff in Brevard County, has taken an entirely different approach. Sheriff Wayne Ivey has declared that we are at war and the best way for Americans to protect themselves and their families from terrorism is to get armed and prepare to fight back.

This is exactly the opposite approach from that taken by authorities in the United Kingdom who advise British citizens to run and hide instead of fighting back. For the population of Britain who have very limited access to firearms this may be their only choice. However, for Sheriff Ivey Americans have another choice and that is to take advantage of their second amendment rights.

Mayor of Rome Calls for Immigration Ban

Jun 14, 2017

The mayor of Rome, Italy has taken a position unique for most politicians in Europe. Virginia Raggi, a member of the rogue Five Star Movement political party, called for a temporary moratorium on immigration into the historic Italian city and popular tourist destination. The mayor’s official explanation for the ban is that the city does not have the capacity to accommodate more migrants.

However, another reason may be that many recent immigrants have come from countries like Libya and the mayor has been well aware of the recent terrorist attacks in European cities like Paris and London. This has caused a serious drop in tourism to those cities.

Megyn Kelly under Fire for Alex Jones Interview

Jun 14, 2017

The reasons for Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News have never been entirely clear for many people, but she soon landed an impressive new gig with NBC doing a Sunday night interview show. Her debut show did quite well, but the number of people who watched her second show dropped by 42%. Now she and NBC have bigger problems with her upcoming interview with the controversial radio show host Alex Jones.

The show has not even aired yet, but excerpts from it caused a backlash from advertisers and the public, especially the families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. Jones has claimed that it never happened and was staged just like he claims that the attack on 9/11 was an inside job. Kelly was supposed to host an event at Sandy hook, but she has been dropped because of the interview.

Liberals Continue to Target Eleven Year Old Barron Trump

Jun 14, 2017

It has been an unwritten rule for years that regardless of the political views of a particular President, launching an attack on the children of the chief executive was strictly forbidden. However, the rules have changed according to the political left in this country because the President is Donald Trump and nothing is off limits including his family.

In addition, it appears that even the most mundane actions of an eleven year old can invoke ridicule and even down right fury among some people. The latest action of Barron Trump to cause derision is that he was filmed getting of a plane with his mother while playing with a hand held toy called a fidget spinner that has become extremely popular among teens and pre-teens. However, according to the left, in the hands of Barron Trump it is proof positive that he is either suffering from anxiety or autism.

ICE Conducts a Sweep of Criminal Illegals in New Jersey

Jun 14, 2017

A field office of the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New Jersey made 113 arrests this past week of illegals in this country that are charged with, or have been convicted of other crimes. The people arrested are from 30 different countries and have committed criminal acts involving drugs, human trafficking, and in the case of one man from Honduras was wanted for murder in his own country.

This action is part of the ongoing drive of the Trump administration to find and deport people who are dangerous criminals, and are here illegally. There is also an emphasis on getting rid of individuals who might pose a threat to our national security.

Jeff Sessions Does Battle with Senate Democrats

Jun 14, 2017

Despite being repeatedly interrupted by grandstanding Senate Democrats during his testimony to the Senate Intelligence committee Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared to shine in the hearing. Many of the Democrats including, the leading one on the committee Mark Warner (D VA), simply refused to allow Sessions to finish answering questions if they did not like the answers he was given. The point has been made repeatedly that there was very little discussion of what the committee was supposed to be investigating, possible Russian attempts to interfere in our election process. Instead, it was a continuation of personal attacks on the President and his Attorney General.

Venezuela Goes From Bad to Worse

Jun 13, 2017

Anti-government marches in Venezuela are growing in frequency. Since late March, 84 protestors have been killed in confrontations with police and military. Armed police are on every street corner. Pro government propaganda competes with anti-government graffiti denouncing the socialist regime. Violence, poverty, inflation, and a breakdown in basic services plague the country. The inflation rate hit 800% in December 2016 and some people predict 1500% inflation by the end of 2017. Adding to the misery is that 16,000 doctors have left the country over the last 12 years. Infant mortality rose by 30% and maternal mortality increased by 66% in 2016. Diseases such as malaria and diphtheria are rising. The government blames the fall in the price of oil for the country’s miseries. Not its socialist policies.

Criminal NGOs

Jun 13, 2017

Some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Europe are colluding with criminal gangs to move African migrants into Italy. The Libyan Navy announced that it had driven out several NGO vessels from Libyan territorial waters on Sunday. Libyan Admiral, Ayob Amr Ghasem, said that NGOs wait for boats full of migrants to arrive, claiming that they’d been informed by human traffickers of their arrival. Libyan Colonel Tarek Shanboor delivered bank details and phone records showing the collusion to EU border security officials in Brussels. “The non-governmental organizations are adding to the crisis by actively encouraging increasing numbers of migrants,” Shanboor said. “Now we have the evidence they are in cahoots with the smugglers. We have evidence the smugglers call the NGOs directly and there are business deals between them.”

Abortion Clinic Shut Down

Jun 13, 2017

An abortion clinic in Pennsylvania was shut down after the state’s Department of Health found “serious deficiencies and violations.” The Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center had four previous violations of state health laws in the last six years. Three Republican lawmakers asked the Department of Health why the clinic’s license had not be revoked. In February, the clinic had no registered nurse on staff and had not conducted back ground checks on eight staff members. Additionally, the clinic could not show that the abortionist was a board eligible OB/GYN. A June inspection found expired medical supplies. According to the Department of Health, the clinic will remain closed “until such time that it can demonstrate it is safe for women to receive care.”

No More Firings

Jun 13, 2017

Republican leaders in the House and Senate are trying to tamp down calls for President Trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller Mueller has fallen under suspicion because he is a close friend of James Comey. Mueller’s team has hired four people who’ve contributed to Democratic presidential campaigns and organizations. On Monday, former Speaker of the House tweeted, “Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. “Time to rethink.” But Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina, said, “It would be a disaster. There’s no reason to fire Mueller. What’s he done to be fired?” Senator Susan Collins of Maine said that firing Mueller would “certainly be an extraordinarily unwise move.” Firing Mueller would ignite a new round of media and Democratic frenzy and raise suspicions that the president was hiding something.

Dennis Rodman Returning to North Korea

Jun 13, 2017

Former basketball player, Dennis Rodman, is returning to North Korea. He’s expected to arrive in the country’s capital on Tuesday.

When he visited in 2014, he and other NBA All-Stars played an exhibition game for Kim Jong Un. Jong Un is a fan of the mid-1990s Chicago Bulls.a In an interview afterwards, Rodman was asked why he’d done nothing to get the American, Kenneth Bae, release from a North Korean prison. Rodman defended himself saying that he was a basketball player and not a diplomat. The United States has been ratcheting up tensions with North Korea over its missile program since President Trump was inaugurated. Rodman’s “basketball diplomacy” may do more to ease tensions than the US State Department ever could.

No Jail Time for New Congressman

Jun 13, 2017

Greg Gianforte, the newly elected representative for Montana, pled guilty to one misdemeanor assault charge on Monday. Gianforte body-slammed a reporter the day before the election and broke the reporter’s glasses. He won’t be serving jail time. Instead he was given a six-month deferred sentence. Additionally he has to perform 40 hours of community service, and attend 20 hours of anger management. In exchange for the reporter not filing a lawsuit, Gianforte promised a $50,000 donation to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

“No Tapes” Say Secret Service

Jun 13, 2017

The Secret Service does not have audio recordings or transcripts of any recordings inside the White House since President Trump took office. The agency’s announcement came after a Freedom of Information request was filed by the Wall Street Journal. The agency’s announcement does not preclude President Trump or anyone else from having set up a recording system. President Trump raised the possibility of the existence of tapes in May when he tweeted, "James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" If such tapes do exist, they would be of interest to House and Senate investigators looking into conversations that President Trump had with former FBI Director, James Comey. The president said that he would make an announcement soon on the existence of any recordings.

Obamacare Poorly Rated

Jun 13, 2017

Gallup is out with a poll on how Americans rate their healthcare. 81 percent of Americans give higher marks to healthcare purchased from a source other than the government exchange. 74 percent of Americans who purchased healthcare through the Obamacare exchange rate their healthcare coverage as excellent or good. 26 rate the coverage as fair or poor. 39 percent of individuals who are in poor health were more likely to rate the Obamacare coverage as fair or poor. Older Americans and those with higher incomes gave Obamacare higher ratings.

New Jersey High School Students have Yearbook Pictures Altered

Jun 13, 2017

Two high school students in Wall, New Jersey picked up their copies of this year’s yearbook only to find that the pictures they had taken had been altered to remove the references to President Donald Trump that was on their clothing. In addition, the Freshman Class President submitted a quote by Donald Trump to go under her picture in the yearbook and it was also removed while the senior class president’s quote from FDR was allowed.

The Wall Township school district has ordered a full investigation, since a student’s year book photo can only be altered if it violates a school policy such making references to drugs, violence, or alcohol. No one knows who actually altered the pictures, but the district has confirmed that a teacher who was the yearbook advisor has been suspended while the investigation continues.

Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Claims another Victim

Jun 13, 2017

Shortly after Target stores announced their policy of allowing people to use any bathroom or dressing room they wanted in their stores, depending on the person’s choice of gender at the moment, the American Family Association organized a successful boycott of Target. Despite its sales and stock value falling dramatically Target is unrelenting.

Now another serious incident has occurred in The Woodlands, Texas Target where a man entered the woman’s dressing room and began videotaping a woman trying on swimsuits. This was not just a transgender issue; this was a direct violation of her privacy. Yet, despite her terrified screams and cries for help the store security cameras showed employees doing what they are taught to do, ignoring her. This is the latest in a series of similar incidents.

Liberal Media Defends Trump Assassination Play

Jun 13, 2017

Despite the fact that Delta Airlines and Bank of America have withdrawn funding and support for the NYC Shakespeare in the park take on Julius Caesar that depicts the assassination of President Donald Trump the liberal media demands that “the show must go on”. Time Warner, the parent company of CNN is continuing its sponsorship and one CNN’s commentators calls the play a “masterpiece.

The New York Times has also defended the play and the city of New York continues to use taxpayer dollars to keep the play going. Several conservative pundits have wondered what the reaction of the press would have been if a play had depicted the assassination of Barack Obama when he was President.

House Democrat to File Articles of Impeachment against Trump

Jun 13, 2017

Liberal California Democrat Brad Sherman has prepared Articles of Impeachment of President Trump he plans to file in the House of Representatives. The grounds for impeachment of the President or any other federal official are the same under Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution. Trump must be charged with and found guilty of “high crimes or misdemeanors”

Sherman has pronounced the President guilty of obstruction of justice for allegedly trying to “pressure” James Comey into dropping the inquiry into General Michael Flynn, although Comey has said that the President did not order him to drop the investigation or pressure him to do so. A majority of the House would have to pass the articles of impeachment and then two thirds of the Senate would have to have found the President guilty after a trial in the Senate.

Woman Granted Clemency by Obama Going Back to Jail

Jun 13, 2017

A Texas woman given clemency by President Obama is on her way back to federal prison. Carol Denise Richardson, 49, was convicted in 2006 of possession and intent to distribute crack cocaine. She was given a life sentence that was commuted by Obama in 2016 along with the sentences of over 1700 other convicted felons,

Richardson repeatedly violated the terms of her probation and recently was arrested for stealing some laundry detergent that she apparently intended to sell to purchase drugs. She has been sent back to prison or 14 months and then will go back on probation. The judge expressed great disappointment that she had wasted the second chance given to her.

Ninth Circuit Shoots Down Travel Ban

Jun 13, 2017

In a decision that was not unexpected the notoriously liberal federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has up held a lower court decision to strike down the travel restrictions imposed by President Trump on residents from certain countries that want to enter the United States.

Once again the justices decided to ignore federal law and the United States Constitution and rely instead on the personal political agendas of members of the court. Thus the decision seems to be based mostly on the fact that they didn’t like some of Trump’s tweets and speeches, many made prior to the election. The case will now go to the Supreme Court.

UN Wakes Up to Terror Tunnels Under UN Premises

Jun 12, 2017

For years the Israeli government has warned of the existence of Hamas terror tunnels in Palestine. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) never took the warnings seriously. Instead the UN Agency condemned Israeli military strikes designed to destroy the tunnels. On Friday the Agency was forced to admit that two Hamas terror tunnels ran under “two adjacent Agency schools in Maghazi camp.” The tunnels were discovered during the construction of a building for the school. “UNRWA condemns the existence of such tunnels in the strongest possible terms. It is unacceptable that students and staff are placed at risk in such a way.”

Trump Submits Nominees for Federal Judiciary

Jun 12, 2017

While fired FBI Director, James Comey, testified he felt President Trump might have tried to obstruct justice, President Trump submitted his fourth slate of federal judicial nominees. There are currently about 100 judicial vacancies. During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Trump promised to nominate federal judges with the same type of judicial philosophy as the late Justice Antonin Scalia. The vacancies within the judiciary allow President Trump to moderate the radical leftist direction of the federal courts. So far the president has nominate over 20 conservative candidates for district court positions.

Big Win for Macron In French Parliamentary Elections

Jun 12, 2017

In first-round parliamentary elections in France, voters may give President Macron’s party a majority in parliament. It’s estimated that Macron’s party may end up with 445 seats. One of the biggest majorities in 60 years. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front party continued to take a beating after last month’s presidential election loss. The National Front party is forecast to garner anywhere from one to to ten seats. The Socialist party is predicted to lose 200 seats. Only 49 percent of the electorate turned out for Sunday’s parliamentary elections. One of the lowest participation rates in six decades.

Logical Outworking of Abortion

Jun 12, 2017

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that parents of a severely disabled child may sue the physicians because they did not inform the parents of test results showing abnormalities. Although the mother testified that she “really enjoys spending time with” her son “and gets a lot of happiness from him,” both parents say they would have aborted their child. According to the opinion, the parents “seek to recover their ordinary and extraordinary costs of raising the child and their loss of income and emotional distress.” Dissenting Justice Edward Mansfield wrote that the majority opinion relies on the term “severely disabled child”. But the term is not defined by the court. “What if testing indicates the child will be born blind or without a hand? Is that enough,” to say the child is severely disabled? “In my view, the court’s ruling leads to a slippery slope,” wrote Justice Mansfield.

Delta Airlines Kills Sponsorship for Julius Caesar

Jun 12, 2017

A Julius Caesar play in New York City’s Public Theater lost its Delta Airlines sponsorship. The character of Julius Caesar is played by a Donald Trump like character. The character has the same hair style, long tie, and verbal manner as the president. Particularly gruesome is the murder which features a stabbing with excessive stage blood. “No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of Julius Caesar at this summer’s Free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values,” the company said in a statement. The left is so enraged by the win of Donald Trump that some people on the left are pushing the assassination meme.

Fifty-First State?

Jun 12, 2017

Puerto Ricans voted in a non-binding referendum on Sunday to choose to join the United States as the 51st state. For something so drastic, voter turnout was a mere 23 percent. The lowest level of participation in any election since 1967. The desire for statehood is particularly appealing because the territory is bankrupt. It needs access to US government programs to channel money into the island. In light of secessionist type movements around the world such as Brexit, Catalonia, and Calexit, Puerto Rico is taking a different approach. The island wants to join the world’s largest debtor nation. Puerto Ricans already pay into Social Security, Medicare, and local taxes. Puerto Ricans would become subject to the U.S. income tax. Puerto Ricans might be better off voting for independence.

Chinese Church Destroyed

Jun 12, 2017

A Christian Church in China was invaded by 300 police and officials. 40 Christians were dragged out. Dozens were beaten, pushed to the ground, and their hands were twisted. 8 Christians are in custody. The church was demolished after it was declared to be an illegal structure. One Christian observer said that the destruction was reminiscent of what the Japanese did in China during World War II. Chinese government officials took phones, personal property, money, and smashed the offering boxes. The Communist Party began a new wave of oppressing religious freedom in the last several months.

Economy Growing Under Trump

Jun 12, 2017

Despite the growing media and Democrat frenzy against President Trump and his administration the public continues to see the President fulfilling his promises, particularly when it comes to the economy. Since his inauguration the stock market has continued its surge, unemployment has reached a 16 year low, and the economy is projected to grow at a rate of 2.3 percent this year, considerably higher than last year’s growth of only 1.6 percent. Ironically, the democrats who claim to represent the middle class are so intent on destroying Trump they seem willing to bring down the U.S. economy by blocking his legislative agenda in order to do so.

Sponsors Withdrawing Support of NYC Play

Jun 12, 2017

Sponsors are bailing out of support of the iconic summer production of Shakespeare in the Park, which this year has remade the play Julius Caesar into a drama portraying the assassination of President Donald Trump. Delta Airlines and Bank of America have both withdrawn their support. This came after critics pointed out that this production of the play glorifies the assassination of a sitting U.S. President by a group of women and minorities. This reaction is not surprising after the public backlash against the picture of Kathy Griffin holding a bloody mask depicting the severed head of the President.

Puerto Ricans Overwhelming Vote for Statehood

Jun 12, 2017

The citizens of Puerto Rico voted overwhelmingly for statehood in a non-binding referendum. This is not the first time such a vote has been held, but this time the turnout was unusually low with several major political parties boycotting the referendum. While Puerto Rico has long been a U.S. territory and its citizens are granted U.S. citizenship they only have one representative in congress with limited voting power. In any case, it is up to congress to grant statehood and it has never been inclined to do so regardless of which party is in control. Since statehood would probably mean two more Democrats in the Senate, the current congress is even less likely to grant the request.

High School Apologizes to Soldier

Jun 12, 2017

At Liberty High School in Brentwood, California a member of the United States Army was denied the right to wear his uniform to his high school graduation. He was told he would have to cover it with the traditional cap and gown. Senior Harland Fletcher refused because he said that he would be defacing the uniform in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. When the school still did not back down he walked out and did not participate in his graduation. The school district later apologized but Fletcher said that was not enough. Is this another case of political correctness run amok?

Virginia Mosque leader Resigns

Jun 12, 2017

Imam Johari Abdul-Malik has resigned from the board of directors of the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Virginia when it failed to fire the senior Imam Shaker Elsayed after he made a speech praising the virtues of female genital mutilation, a barbaric practice carried out on young girls in many predominantly Muslim countries in order to keep women from having normal sexual desires or pleasure. It is outlawed in the United States and most other countries in the world. Abdul-Malik had objected to other statements made by this same Imam, and when the board refused to act this time he called it quits.

Austin Police Chief wants Public to Turn in Gun Enthusiasts

Jun 12, 2017

In the sanctuary city of Austin, Texas where illegal aliens are protected, including even those that have committed other crimes, and profiling of any potential criminals or terrorists is prohibited the police chief has okayed one type of profiling. The Chief is telling members of the public to turn in to the police the names of their friends or family members who are gun enthusiasts. He apparently wants his officers to engage in profiling and “extreme vetting” of law abiding citizens who dare to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

UK Millennials Vote for Socialism

Jun 12, 2017

Millennials went heavy for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in Britain’s elections on Thursday. Turn out for millennials is estimated to be as high as 72 percent. Corbyn campaigned on a platform that included sharp reductions in college tuition fees, higher taxes, more government spending, rent controls and a cap on CEO salaries. Millennials in the UK would do well to look at Venezuela where socialism has crippled the economy, food is scarce, and citizens are marching to overthrow the socialists government.

California’s Path to Bankruptcy

Jun 12, 2017

The California state Senate voted to pass a single-payer healthcare bill. The legislation will have to be passed by the state Assembly and signed by the governor. The legislation would provide free healthcare to any “individual whose primary place of abode is in the state, without regard to the individual’s immigration status.” This leaves open the likelihood of people flooding into California, obtaining residency, and getting onto the program. The single-payer program would cover “all medical care determined to be medically appropriate by the member’s healthcare provider.” And plan members “shall not be required to pay any premium, copayment, coinsurance, deductible, and any other form of cost sharing for all covered benefits.” If enacted, the legislation would cost the state over $400 billion a year.

Christian’s Vanish in the Middle East

Jun 12, 2017

Since 2011, more than half of the Christians living in Syria and Iraq have left the region or have been killed. It’s estimated that Iraq’s Christian population has fallen 100,000 over the last three years. Even more remarkably, since the 1990s, the Christian population has fallen from an estimated 1.4 million to an estimated 200,000. The number of Christians leaving Syria is thought to be between 300,0000 and 1.4 million. Many factors contributed to the decline. War, destruction of Christian towns, emigration, and loss of opportunity have all been instrumental. The European country of Hungary is working to help Christians stay in their homelands. Hungary has donated 5 million euros towards efforts to aid Christians in the Middle East. The money has been spent rebuilding churches, houses, and a hospital.