Democrats Debating Legislative Priorities

Oct 28, 2017

Although House Democrats are in the minority, they are looking at the budget bill as a vehicle through which to fund their agenda items. Democrats want to push immigration and health care legislation. Democrats will have to sort through the competing interests of members to figure out what to push and what can be left to “fall by the wayside.” According to Representative Nita Lowey, “What’s a very important to one person may be a minor issue to someone else. So we have to listen to everyone and move the process.” Democratic leadership will push for a solution relating to the DACA program. Several hundred thousand people were brought to the U.S. as children and have no way to become legal. President Trump gave Congress until March to resolve the issue. Democrats also want to fund the Children’s health Insurance Program as well as restoring the funding to health insurance companies to avoid “significant increases in health-care premiums.”