Trump Campaign Company Reached Out to WikiLeaks for Clinton Emails

Oct 28, 2017

A data mining and analysis company, Cambridge Analytica, reportedly reached out to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks regarding the thousands of mission Hillary Clinton emails. The Trump campaign paid $5.9 million dollars to Cambridge Analytica for “data managements services between 2015 and 2016.” The company is owned in part by billionaire Robert Mercer, a supporter of President Trump. The company “mines online data in order to target potential voters with personalized political messaging.” The reported contact between the CEO of the company and Julian Assange took place prior to the election. The House Intelligence Committee has asked for information from Cambridge Analytica. The Trump campaign issued a statement on Wednesday crediting the Republican National Committee as its “main source for data analytics” in 2016. Another source said that the tools that Cambridge Analytica produced “didn’t have any proof that they worked.” The company released a statement in early October in which it claimed a “prominent role” with the Trump campaign. A spokesman for WikiLeaks confirmed that “a request for information from Cambridge Analytica was rejected.”