Lots of Democrats Running in 2020

Oct 28, 2017

Tom Perez, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said that he expects there will be a “double-digit number of candidates” who run in the primaries for the 2020 Democratic nominating process. By having a large number of candidates running, Perez hopes to put to bed the myth that Democrats can’t field a “bench of presidential candidates.” "I would welcome that because I hear people say we don't have a bench of presidential candidates, and I could not agree with that more.” Perez calls the primary debate “spectacular.” “My job is to make sure the paling field is level.” Currently the expected Democratic roster includes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Rim Ryan. Not mentioned was Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator is not a Democrat. After the election, he changed his party affiliation back to independent. If he does run, Senator Sanders has the interest of motivated college students and could lead the field. Perez has disclaimed any knowledge of what DNC officials and Clinton Campaign officials knew or did with respect to the funding of the dossier on candidate Trump.