Voting Begins In Kenya’s Disputed Elections

Oct 27, 2017

Kenya’s rerun of the presidential elections began on Thursday. Opposition supporters of Mr. Odinga urged a boycott. Of Kenya’s 47 counties, five reported violence. Voting was postponed until a later time. Four people were killed. Roads were blocked in Kisumu and fires were set. 25 people were injured as they confronted police and many suffered gunshot injuries. The elections of August 8 were nullified by the country’s Supreme Court. The Court cited “illegalities and irregularities.” Both parties agreed to abide by the decision and rerun the election. President Kenyatta said, “What we have is a problem of tribalism, and tribalism is an issue that we must continue to deal with and fight with as we continue to develop our country.” In 2007, more than 1,000 people were killed in ethnic violence. The Kenyan election pits Mr. Kenyatta, the son of the country’s founder, against Mr. Odinga. The candidates represent the two largest tribes in Kenya. Mr. Kenyatta is a Kikuyu and Mr. Odinga is a Luo. There is a lot of hatred between the two tribes. The Kikuyu’s are the entrepreneurial class and own many of the businesses in the country. The Luo tribe is more socialistic and pushes for more government. Former President Obama is of Luo descent, if the stories of his Kenyan heritage are true.