Bitter Clinger

Oct 27, 2017

The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is saying, “I’m with her.” The “her” being Hillary Clinton. Although it’s been demonstrated that the dossier on Trump was funded by the Clinton campaign and has lost whatever remaining credibility it once had, James Clapper remains a steadfast bitter clinger. According to Clapper, “With respect to the dossier itself, the key thing is it doesn’t matter who paid for it. It’s what the dossier said and the extent to which it’s corroborated or not.” “In other words,” to quote a recent former Secretary of State, “What Difference Does It Make?” In an interview with CNN, Clapper called for an audit trail apparently just to make sure that the DNC and Hillary for America really did fund the production of the dossier. Clapper told his CNN host that he believes investigators in the intelligence community were “able to validate portions of the dossier“ and should not be completely dismissed.