Spain Headed for Chaos

Oct 27, 2017

The president of Catalonia said that Catalan’s parliament will decided whether or not to approve a declaration of independence from Spain. The announcement on the independence decision appears to be a reversal of what the president was expected to do. He’d been expected to “call an early election in the region to avoid Spain’s takeover of the Catalan government.” However, the president was not certain that the Spanish government would allow such a vote. He could not get assurances that Spain’s government would not go ahead with a takeover of Catalan’s government. “I didn’t get a responsible answer from the Spanish government, which has instead used this option to add to the tension,” said the president. Catalan’s parliament has a small majority of separatists. They are expected to vote on Friday on the question of independence. At the same time, “the Spanish Senate is expected to approve emergency measures to impose Madrid’s direct rule on Catalonia.” Saturday could see the Catalan region to fall into social and economic chaos.