The Curious Case of Jesus Campos

Oct 27, 2017

The security guard who reportedly was shot in the leg by Stephen Paddock during the October 1 massacre in Las Vegas, went to Mexico “just days after” the horrific shooting. “Customs and Border Patrol documents [show] that [Jesus] Campos apparently crossed the border into Mexico days after the Vegas massacre.” He went through the same border crossing in January. The crossing raises a host of questions. “Why would the FBI allow a material witness to flee the country during an ongoing investigation?” “If Campos was shot, why [or] how did he spend hours in a car on a road trip to Mexico rather [than] recuperating in a hospital bed”? And finally, “if this was a ‘pre-planned’ visit, as his union suggests, then why did investigators seem so baffled by his disappearance?” Las Vegas investigators have not been clear on the timeline of events. Events have been laid out as happening at a particular time only to be changed significantly in later press conferences. The longer law enforcement remains unclear, the faster conspiracy theories will get planted, take root, and further obfuscate the entire shooting.