Investigators Can’t Find Las Vegas Shooter’s Hard Drive

Oct 26, 2017

The investigation into the mass shooting in Las Vegas has turned up the fact that Stephen Paddock’s computer is missing its hard drive. Investigators do not know where it has gone. There is evidence that Paddock bought software that erased files from the hard drive. But without the drive, investigators cannot confirm their idea. Paddock apparently did not leave many digital traces for authorities to follow. In the Virginia Tech mass shooting, the shooter “took the hard drive out of his computer and discarded his cellphone before” murdering 32 people. Police never recovered them. So far investigators have been unable to find a motive for Paddock’s attack. Authorities are trying to piece together his life as they look for clues. Paddock’s brother was arrested for possession of child pornography on Wednesday. The investigation reportedly was underway “long before Stephen opened fire on the concertgoers.”