Lawmakers Plan Votes to Stop Aborted Fetal Tissue Sales

Oct 26, 2017

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are attempting to pass legislation that “would ban the sale of aborted fetal tissue and tighten regulations on fetal remains restrictions.” Leaders in Wisconsin’s House believe they have the votes to pass the legislation and that it would likely pass in the Senate. The Senate plans to take up the legislation in November. “Those of us up here believe that when a child is aborted, the last thing that needs to be done to the dignity of that human life is to be shipped off, sliced up and put into test tubes and Petri dishes. When it comes to the integrity of an aborted fetus, there really is no compromise,” said Representative Kleefisch. The company, Cures For Tomorrow, opposes the legislation saying, “The bill would reach into labs and end ongoing, pioneering research on heart disease, cancer, infectious disease, and neurological and developmental disorders.” Wisconsin Family Action’s said, “We don’t oppose research at all. What we want is research done using ethical materials done in an ethical way.” The legislation does not impose criminal penalties for violating the law. But they would impose civil forfeitures.