Iran Taking Steps To Leave Nuclear Agreement

Oct 26, 2017

Iran is taking steps to blame the United States for the breakdown of the nuclear agreement. Iran has identified what it claims are 18 instances of the United States violating the agreement. Iran sent the leaders of the European Union “a plethora of information recounting what it claims are 18 separate violations of the deal by the United States.” The United States is trying to walk a thin line by trying to stay in the nuclear agreement but also strengthen it so as to force Iran to comply with the spirit of the agreement. The Trump administration wants to impose sanctions on Iran “for its ballistic missile program and regional support of terrorism.” A spokesman for the State Department said, “The United States continues to meet its commitments under the JCPOA and will hold Iran strictly accountable for its commitments.” A congressional adviser said, “Iran was never going to stay in the deal the full time. They were going to cheat as much as they could, pocket as much as they could, and then bail as soon as anyone tried to enforce the deal.”