Virginia Democrats Equate Republican Candidate With White Supremacists

Oct 26, 2017

Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam released a mailer showing a picture of President Trump and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie superimposed on a photo of white nationalists marching with tiki torches. The copy on the mailing tells voters, “On Tuesday, November 7th, Virginia gets to stand up to hate.” Gillespie’s digital director said that the Democrats “had reached a ‘new low: exploiting Charlottesville tragedy to score political points.’” Ed Gillespie has disavowed the white nationalists since they showed up in Charlottesville. He’s maintained that they are “off the political spectrum.” Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe defended the mailer in a “Ask the Governor” session on a local radio station. He claimed that he had not seen the mailer but said “he believes its creators are tying to make the point he has been addressing.” McAuliffe said that the ads that Gillespie is running against Northam are much like the “hatred” and “bigotry” of those on the alt-right, KKK, and white supremacists. He said there was “no difference.” Virginia’s gubernatorial election is considered a referendum on the presidential election. Gillespie has recently surged in the polls and has overtaken Northam. President Trump lost Virginia in the presidential election.