Clinton Campaign Still Paying Operatives

Oct 25, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign is still paying several aides even one year after the election. Huma Abedin was paid $65,000 between mid-November 2016 and June of 2017. In the third quarter of 2017, Abedin was paid an additional $2,000. “Hillary for America spokesman,” Nicholas Merrill, “has been paid $24,357 this year from the campaign.” Long time aide, Robert Russo, who is in charge of correspondence, “has been paid almost $36,000 in 2017 from Hillary for America.” The campaign’s chief operating officer, Elizabeth Jones, has been paid $95,000 in 2017. Many of these aides would likely have received powerful and high paying positions within the White House had Hillary Clinton won the presidency in 2016. The campaign transferred $800,000 to Onward Together in early May. Onward Together is a political action committee created by Hillary Clinton to fundraise for progressive political causes.