New Proposal to Massage Obamacare Problems

Oct 25, 2017

Senator Orin Hatch and Representative Kevin Brady are trying their own version of Obamacare reform. Their proposed legislation would fund the cost-sharing payments to Big Insurers through 2019 and insist that the companies meet “certain requirements to receive the payments to avoid ‘double dipping.’” Additionally, the legislation would “expand health savings accounts to lift the maximum contribution limit.” Finally, the legislation would waive the individual mandate until 2021 and waive the employer mandate retroactively from 2015 through 2017. The companies would not be subject to penalties. "As I have said all along, if Congress is going to appropriate funds for cost-sharing reductions, we must include meaningful structural reforms that provide Americans relief from Obamacare," said Senator Hatch. Representative Brady said, "It takes steps to cure Obamacare's underlying illness through patient-centered reforms that deliver relief from federal mandates, protect life, and increase choices in health care." "It also empowers individuals and families to save and spend their health care dollars the way they want and need by expanding and enhancing a popular, tax-advantaged savings tool known as health savings accounts.” The proposals in the legislation resemble the failed July legislation called the “Skinny Repeal.”