Senator Calls For Special Counsel to Investigate Uranium One Deal

Oct 25, 2017

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa tweeted out his insistence that a special counsel needs to be appointed to investigate the Uranium One deal. “Whoever in DOJ is capable [with] authority to appoint a special counsel [should] do so to investigate Uranium One "whoever" means if [you] aren't recused” Over the last week, it’s come to light that the Russians allegedly offered bribes to secure State Department approval for the deal. The Clinton Foundation received in excess of $25 million and former President Clinton was paid $500,000 in speaking fees. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is also reportedly investigating the Podesta Group’s possible Russian connections. Senator Grassley’s call for a special counsel comes after two House committees announced they were investigating the Uranium One deal “and the Obama-era Department of Justice’s handling of the Clinton email investigation on Tuesday.”