“Tormented” Theresa May Pleads for Help

Oct 24, 2017

Leaks from a meeting with European Union leaders portray British Prime Minister Theresa May as “‘begging’ and ‘weak-spirited’ at the negotiating table.” The source of the leak said that May was “anxious”, “despondent”, and “discouraged” while meeting with Jean Claude Juncker of the EU. Mrs. May was described as begging “for help”, and looking “tormented.” She had the look of not having slept for a night. Nick Timothy, the former chief of staff for the prime minister blamed Marin Selmayr, Juncker’s “right-hand man.” He described Selmayr as “Darth Vader”, “Rasputin”, and “The Monster.” EU officials want Britain to pay a significant amount of money upon leaving the union if Britain wants any hope of a trade agreement with the EU. The EU is suspected of wanting to “punish Britain” and make an example out of Britain so that other countries don’t attempt to exit the union. One British official said, “At best, no-one thinks Selmayr would shed a tear if the UK fell out of Europe without a deal; at worst he seems to be actively scheming to make that happen. Selmayr is a ‘believer’ and he believes a destructive Brexit is the best way to keep Europe together.”