Virginia Governor’s Race Tightens

Oct 24, 2017

Republican Ed Gillespie has closed the gap in the governor’s race and the “polls remain tight.” Last week, Democrats hauled in former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden. Obama claimed that “democracy is at stake” in the Virginia race. Democrats worry that if Lt. Governor Ralph Northam loses the race to Gillespie that it could spell trouble for Democrats in the mid-term elections. “From a branding perspective, we have a huge problem. It was the biggest challenge for us in the last year — and our biggest mistake was uniting around ‘Stop Trump,’” said Ken Martin a Democratic activist from Minnesota. Gillespie has taken on the sanctuary city issue and has promised to shut down the effort. He has promised to sign legislation banning them. Northam “refused to say whether he would sign” such a bill. Gillespie barely beat outspoken Trump supporter Corey Stewart in the Republican primary. Gillespie has had to “push for issues that will help rural voters [in order] to better rally Trump’s base amidst concerns that Republicans do not have the same enthusiasm towards Gillespie as they did towards Trump.” President Trump has tweeted his support for Gillespie, but he has not come into Virginia to campaign.