Kaspersky Declines To Move From Russia

Oct 24, 2017

Kaspersky Lab, the Russian based software company, said that it would not move out of Moscow. "I get it — it’s not popular to be Russian right now in some countries," Eugene Kaspersky said. "I cannot change my origin or my company’s foundation. If we moved we would probably still be referred to as 'the Russian cybersecurity company,' even though more than 85 percent of our sales and operations are outside of Russia.” Kaspersky also cited the challenge of finding computer engineers abroad. He said that Russia has the engineers necessary to meet the demand of his company. The Trump administration ordered the removal of all Kaspersky software from the federal government’s computers. The antivirus software could easily be used to search for classified documents and computer code rather than viruses. The U.S. government suspects that because the firm is located in Russia, that the company might be forced to share information with the Russian government. A contractor for the NSA may have had NSA hacking tools stolen from his home computer that had Kaspersky antivirus software loaded.