Senator Menendez Misses 56 Votes

Oct 24, 2017

As Senator Bob Menendez’s trial blunders on, he is failing in his duties to represent the citizens of New Jersey. So far he has missed 56 votes in the Senate. The Mendez trial centers around several corruption charges. Prosecutors allege that Menendez took bribes from Dr. Salomon Melgen, a wealthy donor, in 2006 in exchange for helping Melgen “get away with $100 million in Medicare fraud.” Menendez received several trips the the Dominican Republic as well. Democrats have remained silent as to whether or not Menendez should resign if he is found guilty. If he’s found guilty and resigns, Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey could appoint a Republican to fill the vacant Senate seat. That would strengthen the slim Republican majority in the Senate. 84 percent of voters in New Jersey think Menendez should resign if he is found guilty. 50 percent think he should not be re-elected even if he’s found not guilty.