Iran-Boeing Deal May Be Terminated

Oct 24, 2017

The Trump administration may kill off a deal between Boeing and an Iranian airline after the airline “was recently caught using its commercial planes to ferry Iranian militants to regional hotspots.” The nuclear agreement with Iran allowed Boeing to sell airplanes to Iran Air. Now that the Trump administration is trying to strengthen the nuclear agreement, the airplane sale may be halted. The Trump administration is increasingly concerned that “Iran would use a fleet of new Boeing planes to boost its regional intervention in hotspots such as Syria.” Representative Peter Roskam believes that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps uses Iran Air to transport weapons. “To have a truly effective and coherent Iran policy, we nee to clamp down on every single entity that supports the IRGC, including Iran Air,” said Roskam. Although no decision has been reached, officials are beginning to see the sale as not being in the “United States’ national security interests.” A source familiar with the internal deliberations said, "This is a careful consensus, ongoing process. They're adding up everything in all the columns. They're not just deciding ‘well it's more important for Boeing to make money' or ‘well it's more important to prevent Iran from sending troops to Assad.'"