Niger Investigation Considered “Massive Intelligence Failure”

Oct 23, 2017

A senior congressional aide is blaming the deaths of four American soldiers on a “massive intelligence failure.” The U.S. provided no “overhead surveillance of the mission,” and there were no forces available to rescue the troops in the event something went wrong. The armed services committees in Congress and the military are trying to find out if the Americans were “intentionally delayed in the village” and then lured into “a complex ambush.” Senator Lindsey Graham plans to press the Trump administration for more information about its increasing military operations around the world. According to Graham, “The war is morphing. You’re going to see more actions in Africa, not less.” “I will insist that Congress is informed more often and in more detail. As the war expands, as the military had more authority, Congress is going to require more information.” Senators are failing to ask even more basic questions, such as “Why are American troops on the African continent in the first place?” “What interests does America have in Africa that warrant putting troops in Africa?”