Conservatives Call Mitch a Failed Leader

Oct 12, 2017

Several conservative organizations called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and several others in Senate leadership to resign. Republican leaders inability to pass the president’s agenda was cited as the reason. Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party patriots cited a list of Republican offenses. “They promised to end the Obama area practice of spending more than the government takes in, so we can balance the budget and pay down our $20 trillion national debt.” “They promised to nominate and confirm Constitutionalists to the federal bench.” “They promised to secure our borders, protect American jobs, and end the scourge of illegal immigration.” “And in their most famous campaign promise of all, they promised to repeal ObamaCare, and I quote, ‘root and branch.’” Martin went on to say that the failures represent a “failure of leadership.” “Mitch McConnell has had his chance. he has failed to deliver. It is time for him to go.” The coalition of conservative activists issued a letter to the Senate leadership saying, “it is time for you and your leadership team to step aside for new leadership that is committed to the promises made to the American people. America is too good for you to lead it.”