Twitter Backs Down On Ad Ban

Oct 11, 2017

Twitter backed down on its opposition to Representative Marsh Blackburn’s video advertisement which celebrated the stopping of Planned Parenthood from selling fetal body parts. Twitter issued a statement saying in party, “After further review, we have made the decision to allow the content in question from Rep. Blackburn’s campaign ad to be promoted on our ads platform.” “While we initially determined that a small portion of the video used potentially inflammatory language, after reconsidering the ad in the context of the entire message, we believe that there is room to refine our policies around these issues.” Twitter objected to the phrase “stopped the sale of baby body parts.” The campaign was told that it would have to remove the offending phrase if it wanted to promote the video as an ad. Blackburn’s campaign said that it was glad that Twitter had reconsidered its ban and said, “It’s a real shame that this censorship happened in the first place.” Twitter has no problem accepting ads from Planned Parenthood, a company that profits from the dismemberment of unborn children.