British MP Urges Germany To Settle Polish Repparations

Oct 11, 2017

A member of the British Parliament came out in support of Germany paying reparations to Poland for the destruction Germany caused during World War II. Daniel Kawczynski issued a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He wrote, “Germany rightly refers to our obligations to the EU financially as we exit the structure, and yet conveniently ignored their own much clearer obligations to Poland for the destruction and misery they caused.” “Germany has to be held to account as she is dictating to others whilst refusing to take responsibility herself.” Poland agreed to waive the right to reparations in 1953 while it was occupied by the Soviet Union. Germany believes the agreement is binding. Poland believes the agreement was invalid because the communist government was not a “just and sovereign ruler of the Polish people.” Poland has fought all efforts to have Islamic immigrants be forcibly resettled in its country. Germany and the EU have “increasingly sought to intervene in Polish affairs.” The reparations issue has been resurrected in light of Germany’s interference.