Officer Fired For Arresting Nurse

Oct 11, 2017

Police Detective Jeff Payne was fired on Tuesday. He was caught on video dragging a nurse out of the hospital for not letting him take a blood draw “from an unconscious patient.” The nurse was complying with the rules that the hospital and the police department had agreed to ahead of time. Detective Payne did not have a warrant, the consent of the patient, and had not arrested the patient. Even though the officer could have gotten a warrant he chose to arrest the nurse. He dragged her out of the hospital and put her in a police vehicle. After the incident, the hospital banned law enforcement agents from dealing directly with nurses. A few weeks later, Payne was fired from his second job as a paramedic because he’d threatened to bring every homeless person he could find to the University of Utah Medical Center as revenge for the bad publicity he’d received. After weeks of investigation, police chief Mike Brown fired Detective Payne.