Senator Urges National Security Team to Get On Board

Oct 10, 2017

Senator Tom Cotton argued on Monday that the president’s national security team needs to get on board with the plan to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal or find other work. Cotton was interviews for The Global Politico. He said that the job of Mattis and Tillerson “is now to move out and execute.” The senator praised President Trump’s foreign policy saying, “In almost every area, in his own way, with his own rhetoric, he has reasserted American leadership, and he’s willing to confront threats before they gather.” Senator Cotton said that cabinet members and senior advisors “should help [the president] achieve his objectives and run with his thinking” when the president is right. When he’s wrong, “you have a duty to try to present to him the best facts and the best thinking to help him see it in a different light.” “Maybe you can, but if he doesn’t, and he says, ‘No, I want to do it my way,’ then your job is to move out and execute. And if you feel strongly enough, then you have to resign,” Cotton said. The expectation is that President Trump will not recertify to Congress that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal. If negotiations fail, then Congress would be able to impose new sanctions on Iran.