Fires Raging In California

Oct 10, 2017

Multiple fires broke out in northern California Sunday night. Wildfires swept through California’s wine country killing at least 10 people and “destroying 1,500 homes and businesses.” Thousands of residents fled to escape the fires. “We live in the valley, where it’s concrete and strip malls and hotels and supermarkets,” said Jeff Okrepkie. “The last thing you think is a forest fire is going to come and wipe us out.” A home for the disabled had to be evacuated as fires closed in on the property. 200 patients were evacuated as fire “closed within a few dozen feet.” Fourteen fires burned “over a 200-mile region north of San Francisco from Napa in the south to Redding in the north.” At least five wineries have been destroyed and nearly 70,000 acres have burned so far. Currently there are 25 major fires burning in the state. The heavy rains in California earlier in the year “kicked off a massive spring bloom of scrub brush, grasses and wild flowers, all of which provided fuel for the fires.”