Twitter Circles The Wagons Around Planned Parenthood

Oct 10, 2017

Representative Marsha Blackburn is running for Senate in Tennessee. Last week she posted a video announcing her candidacy. In the video she said that she is 100 percent pro-life and pointed out how she’d helped to stop the sale of unborn children’s body parts. Twitter declared that Blackburn’s pro-life comment was “inflammatory” and blocked the campaign announcement ad from being promoted. A representative from the company said the statement “is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.” Twitter said the ad could be reposted as a promoted ad if the “flagged statement” was removed. Blackburn instead asked her followers to share the video. She said, “Silicon Valley should not be allowed to impose their values on us. Join me in standing up to the liberal elite.” The pro-life organization Live Action reported months ago that Twitter had blocked its ads from being promoted “unless it deleted tweets critical of Planned Parenthood.”