DREAM Act is Open Ended Amnesty

Oct 9, 2017

Senator Richard Durbin admitted that the Dream Act is not limited to 780,000 people in the DACA population but that it is completely open ended. The Migration Policy Institute estimates that under the Dream Act, “3.3 million illegal aliens would be eligible to obtain amnesty . . . “ Durbin said that Republicans were “exaggerating the size of the amnesty and the number of people who would later arrive via chain migration.” “So some of the speculation about the numbers is real pretty far faced, and I don’t buy the two million, three million [estimates]. I don’t know where those numbers came from.” If the beneficiaries and the subsequent people coming into the U.S. through chain migration get the right to vote, “millions of lower-skilled, government-dependent legal immigrants” would be voting in 2028 and 2032. Large business is pushing for immigration so as to maintain a pool of people who will work for low wages.