Snowflake Panics Over Shoelace

Oct 6, 2017

At Michigan State University a student called police after seeing a “noose” hanging outside her residence hall. Police conducted interviews and a thorough investigation. After solemnly weighing the evidence, police decided that “the object was a packaged leather shoelace and not a noose.” Helping police make their determination was that “the matching packaged shoelace was found outside the residence hall.” “Officers located and spoke to the student who lost both of the shoelaces.” “The student who lost the shoelaces lives on the same floor as the student who made the original report.” The student who made the report received high praise from the university’s president, Lou Anna K. Simon. She praised the student’s “courage” to make the report. “This type of behavior is not tolerated on our campus. No Spartan should ever feel targeted based on their race, or other ways in which they identify.”