Politicians Flee

Oct 6, 2017

Twenty percent of the House of Representatives in Illinois will not be running fore re-election in 2018. Many of these fleeing are Republicans who voted to raise taxes so as to get a state budget passed. It is a classic case of lawmakers not wanting to face the voters. In addition to the thirty lawmakers who won’t be standing, other incumbents are expected to lose their seats in the election. As legislators look to flee, residents of Illinois are increasingly leaving the state. United Van Lines has published reports for years showing trends in where people are moving. States that tend to be poorly run tend to have “higher out-migration” rates. “Illinois, New York and New Jersey account for five of the ten cities with high net out-migration rates.” Anecdotally, right after the Illinois state legislature voted to raise the “individual income tax rate from 3.75 to 4.95 percent” local financial planners began receiving phone calls from worried retirees asking if they should leave the state.