McCain To Push For More Troops and Deeper Commitment to Afghanistan

Aug 11, 2017

President Trump rejected his National Security Advisor’s plan to dive deeper into Afghanistan for the next four years. Undeterred, Senator McCain plans to take up the cause. He will push for more troops and “long-term, open-ended” involvement in Afghanistan when he returns to the Senate next month. “[W]e must face facts: We are losing in Afghanistan and time is of the essence if we intend to turn the tide,” said the senator. McCain’s plan also wants to do away with the constraining rules of engagement that make it considerably difficult to carry out missions. McCain’s plan would “deny, disrupt, degrade, and destroy the ability of terrorist groups to conduct attacks against the United States, its allies, or its core interests.” Rather than watching cancer eat away his brain and any common sense for the next 18 months, perhaps Senator McCain should resign his seat, volunteer for active duty in Afghanistan and go out in a hail of bullets and patriotic glory.