Cop Chooses To Find New Doctor Than Part With His Gun

Aug 11, 2017

A doctor’s office in Texas told a police chief to leave his weapon in the car or leave the office. The officer left the office and promptly made his case on social media. “I will be looking for a new ENT, just asked to leave Dr. Burkes office because I am wearing my gun, badge, and ID,” Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis said. He added, “Officers should not be required to disarm or change out of their uniform while seeing their doctors or other professionals.” He conceded that it is the right of a private business to determine whom they serve. But that it was his right not to patronize such a business. A spokesman for the business apologized. “This was a mistake by an employee and not our policy. We have “already communicated to all of the supervisors in all of the locations how this SHOULD have been handled.” The police chief said that he hoped the doctor’s office “respond appropriately and make a very public and clear statement that officers will not be treated this way in the future.”