Tillerson’s Calm Reassurance

Aug 10, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson downplayed President Trump’s “fire and fury” rhetoric. Tillerson said that war was no imminent. “Nothing I have seen and nothing I know of would indicate that the situation has dramatically changed in the last 24 hours.” Americans should “have no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days.” Tillerson’s remarks were made in Guam, the island that the North Koreans threatened with Hwasong-12 missiles. Tillerson defended Trump’s rhetoric as language that the North Korean leadership would understand since they don’t “seem to understand diplomatic language.” “I think the president just wanted to be clear to the North Korean regime that the U.S. has unquestionable ability to defend itself, will defend itself and its allies, and I think it was important that he deliver that message to avoid any miscalculation on their part,” Tillerson concluded.