Snowflake Tells When It’s Okay to Censor Speech

Jul 14, 2017

An opinion editorial for the University of Maryland’s student newspaper believes that universities should censor speech when students don’t “feel safe.” Using controversial Palestinian Linda Sarsour as an example, op-ed writer Moshe Klein said, “Sarsour should be allowed to speak even if she says things that make people feel uncomfortable.” However, “[B]ecause of her connections to Odeh, she could genuinely make people feel unsafe. At that point, the discussion isn’t about Sarsour’s personal opinions but whether people will feel genuinely unsafe because of her connections.” But who has the understanding and wisdom “to determine which forms of speech truly pose a risk to student safety?” One student commenter wrote in jest, “Moshe Klein’s opinion makes me feel unsafe. So he should be the first one who is censored, banished from campus and jailed…see how that works?”