Locals Save Drowning Family

Jul 12, 2017

At Panama City Beach, Florida 80 passersby figured out how to save nine members of a family who were in the process of drowning. 80 beachgoers formed a human chain under the direction of Jessica Simmons. “These people are not drowning today. It’s not happening. We’re going to get them out,” Simmons said. While Simmons and her husband swam out to the struggling family, 80 people formed a human chain that stretched more than 100 yards out into the water. Simmons and her husband passed the struggling family members to the people in the chain who hauled them to shore. Remarkably this was all done by people volunteering their time and effort to solve a serious problem. Government was not involved. If people had waited for government to show up, many people would have died. Imagine millions of Americans creatively thinking and working together to solve problems specific to their communities, all without the help or hinderance of government bureaucrats.