Congressman Calls For Comey’s Investigation

Jul 12, 2017

Representative Ron DeSantis, Chairman of the House National Security Subcommittee, is urging the Department of Justice to investigate James’ Comey’s leak of classified information. Comey said that he’d leaked the memos in order to initiate the appointment of a special counsel to investigation President Trump. "If he did violate any laws, he needs to be held accountable. If you're violating laws in service of doing political warfare, that is just absolutely unacceptable, particularly for someone who held such a high position in the government,” said DeSantis. Speaking of Comey, "This guy is really a creature of the swamp. He maneuvers around D.C. in ways that are very similar to how D.C. insiders operate," DeSantis said. The congressman also urged the Trump Administration to fire officials who were appointed under the previous administration. DeSantis speculated that they are leaking and working to undermine the Administration.