De Blasio Facing Backlash from NYPD Officers

Jul 12, 2017

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio just can’t seem to help himself; when it comes to standing shoulder to shoulder with the men and women in blue who protect the citizens of the city, the mayor goes in the other direction. The police again showed their disdain for the mayor by turning their backs on him when he spoke at the funeral of an officer.

When he was running for mayor and after being elected de Balsio was openly critical of the police department and spoke favorably about violent anti-police groups like Black Lives Matter. After two of New York’s finest were killed in an ambush in 2014 hundreds of officers claimed that the mayor did have their backs. Now the same thing has happened at the funeral of 48 year old officer Miosotis Familia. Shortly after she was killed de Blasio flew to Germany to join in left wing political protests at the G-20 Summit.