Dallas County Commissioner Votes Against Honoring Slain Police Officers

Jul 11, 2017

In a move that shocked even many of his own constituents, black Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price voted against what was considered a ceremonial resolution honoring the five Dallas police officers killed a year ago in an ambush while ironically they were protecting a Black Live Matters march. In a nutshell, Price’s justification for his no vote was that since all of the killed police officers were white, they deserved what they got and should not be honored.

Several years ago Price was charged with numerous federal crimes including bribery and fraud. In a trial that many considered a sham because of the obvious bias of a liberal federal judge in favor of the defendant, Price was found not guilty on most charges, and the jury could not reach a verdict on four others. Maybe the court of public opinion will reach a different verdict after this latest outrage.