Sharia Law Advocate Calls for Jihad Against Trump

Jul 10, 2017

One of the darlings of the leftist in the United States is a Muslim woman named Linda Sarsour. She was one of the organizers of the Women’s March against Trump and has been embraced as a leader by the feminist movement. The irony is that she is an avid advocate for Sharia law to be imposed worldwide. Under this strict Islamic law women are virtual slaves. They cannot go to school, cannot have a job, cannot drive a car, and cannot even appear in public unless accompanied by a man. None of this seems to bother the leftists.

Now Sarsour has called for a Jihad against President Trump, his administration, and presumably anyone who supports him. Jihad is shorthand for the type of violence used by ISIS and other radical Islamic groups. Apparently, that is okay as far as the left is concerned.