Freeloading Taxpayers

May 18, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown thinks that California taxpayers who want to keep their own money are “freeloaders". The new state budget of $52 billion includes raising the gas tax by 12-cents a gallon beginning November 1st and raising vehicle license fees by an average of $50 more a year beginning January 1st. Republicans alternatively proposed budget cuts to fund road maintenance. “Roads require money to fix,” Brown said. “Republicans say there’s a magic source of money — it doesn’t exist. …You want to borrow money and pay double? Or do nothing? Or take money from universities?" Republicans are trying to recall state Senator Josh Newman who barely won his seat in an upset victory. His win gave Democrats a two-thirds majority in the state senate. And he voted for the tax increase. Governor Brown came into Newman’s district to support him. Speaking of the taxpayers who want roads but don’t want to pay for them with tax increases, Brown said, “The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them.” This is not the first time Governor Brown has been condescending to businesses and taxpayers. In 2014, in response to Toyota leaving California for Texas, Brown said “We've got a few problems, we have lots of little burdens and regulations and taxes. But smart people figure out how to make it."