Campus Insanity

May 17, 2017

At the University of New Hampshire, white students wore sombreros and ponchos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. At least two students were offended. This is “the normalization of racist behavior” according to the student group, “All Eyes on UNH.” “What’s the point of wearing a poncho? If you’re not Mexican, it’s not your holiday,” student Danique Montique exclaimed. When asked what holiday would be appropriate for a white person to celebrate, Montique couldn’t say. “That’s stuff for you white people to figure out. I don’t f*(^&#g know! Cinco de Mayo is not your holiday,” she again declared. “You’re perpetuating the stereotype that Mexicans drink and wear ponchos for a living. That’s what you’re doing, and you also have to keep in mind the racial tension that’s happening right now where your president claims that Mexicans only come here, drink, and steal your jobs.”