Nasa’s Incompetence

May 15, 2017

NASA’s manned space capsule, Orion, is behind schedule, getting more costly, and now more dangerous for the astronauts.The first unmanned blast off of the Orion capsule has been pushed back to 2019. NASA’s inspector general says that the agency has already spent $26 billon on the program. The first manned mission may not happen until 2022. The chance of a fatal accident during re-entry and landing is now calculated to be “nearly twice what it is projected to be for astronauts traveling in a Dragon capsule slated to be flown back from the space station by entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp.” Given NASA’s past problems with the Mars Climate Orbiter, Mars Polar Lander, and Hubble Telescope, NASA would save the country billions of dollars by turning over its Orion technology to the private sector and exiting space exploration.