Bill O’Reilly Forced Out of Fox News

Apr 20, 2017

Bill O’Reilly, the most popular news commentator on Cable Television has been forced to drop his The Factor at Fox News because of multiple charges of sexual harassment of women at Fox News. While O’Reilly has continually denied all chargers, it’s hard to believe given the millions that Fox News has paid out to settle multiple lawsuits. His ouster follows that of Fox News Chief Roger Ailes who also cost Fox multiple millions in out of court settlements.

There are no other conservative cable news shows to take the place of Fox as it faces increasing pressure from advertisers who did not want to support O’Reilly despite his high ratings. Fox News is a $90 million operation and Chris Ruddy’s NewsMax at second is worth only $10 according to estimates. Fox News has now lost their two biggest starts, Megyn Kelly, who is still trying to find a place on mainstream NBC daytime talk shows, and now Bill O’Reilly.

Fortunately Fox still has Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson who is a breath of fresh air compared to O’Reilly who many conservatives say comes across as arrogant and dismissive of others. He supported government registration of guns, the Paris climate change agreement, and was opposed to the death penalty---none of which are favored by conservatives.