Russia Weighs In Against US Military Action in Korea

Apr 19, 2017

Russian Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov responded to VP Pence’s statement about the US losing “Strategic Patience” by saying, “I hope that there won’t be any unilateral actions like we recently saw in Syria and that the US will follow the policies Trump repeatedly declared during his election campaign.”

He also warned the US not to take any military actions, stressing that the “risky nuclear and missile endeavors of Pyongyang” violating UNSC resolutions could not be used as an excuse for violating international law and the UN Charter “in the same fashion” as in Syria. Lavrov also said that the current escalation could be hardly described as an “era of strategic patience,” although it was not Trump’s current actions to which Pence was referring, but the prior decades where the US did nothing significant in response to North Korea cheating on prior agreements.