Confessions of a Russian Troll only Part of the Story.

Apr 19, 2017

A worker at Russian 'Troll factory' revealed that Russia, like the US and other Western allies runs a internet information and counter-disinformation center that “trolls” various internet website and adds comments as if they are private citizens. According to the Daily Mail, he quit after being ashamed of his job, saying 'fake news' has little effect. The British tabloid said that, “Putin's online army would post up to 200 comments and 20 fake stories a day,” as a means of influencing the US election.

However, this story is wrong about the effect of these kinds of internet trolls on an election and is an extension of the false stories about Russian interference in the US election. Reader comments at the end of every website are so varied and “off the wall” that few who even read them anymore are influenced by them. The US runs an even larger trolling system out of Eglin AFB and other places, seeding conservative alternate media sites with false conspiracy theories for the purpose of discrediting real ones. Legitimate conservative readers at these sites are quite expert at identifying and exposing who the US government trolls are.