Scripted Opposition Lashes out at Marine Le Pen in France

Apr 18, 2017

The Choices couldn’t be more clear in the upcoming French presidential elections next week. The latest polls show Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen with front runner status, claiming 22% to 23% of the vote respectively. Others just behind are far left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon and mainstream candidate François Fillon who has been hurt by scandal. They are counting on 19% and 21% support each.

Macron is a globalist, overtly pro EU, and Le Pen is anti-globalist and anti-immigration, which has brought her to the forefront of a nation with severe problems with Muslims, who reside in ghettos and don't integrate. But it isn’t enough for Le Pen to win the first round. As in Austria and the Netherlands, the mainstream and Leftist parties join together at all costs to keep anti-globalists from being elected in the final round.

Akin to the paid attacks by radicals against Donald Trump, Le Pen is facing similar attacks in France. But she isn’t backing down, attacking the “savage globalization” of the other mainstream candidates. “I will protect you”, Le Pen vowed. Even as far away as Austrialia editorials in support of Le Pen say, “A vote for Marine Le Pen is a vote to end rule of self-serving elites.” While that rallying cry has never been more forceful than now, so far the ruling elites have been able to beat back similar anti-globalist votes in Europe.