Trump Breaking with traditional US Policy Toward China

Apr 18, 2017

President Donald Trump, is trying to give China more incentive to reign in the juvenile dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un by offering China a deal on economic policy that has been a source of contention during previous administrations. Trump appears to be offering to look the other way at the big trade deficit with China, in exchange for a larger commitment to get North Korea to stand down from its quest for nuclear weapons.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal this week, "We have tremendous trade deficits with everybody, but the big one is with China. ... And I told them, 'You want to make a great deal?' Solve the problem in North Korea. That's worth having deficits. And that's worth having not as good a trade deal as I would normally be able to make."

But previous administrations have always balked at trying to bribe China into doing the right thing with North Korea, and have insisted on making no links between China’s foreign policy and US economic policy. Previous administrations, secretly accommodating to China, have avoided any hint that they are willing to give in to China’s claim upon Taiwan in order to make a deal---not that wouldn’t have liked to, but the American public is still very sensitive about Henry Kissinger’s betrayal of Taiwan in favor of Red China.