Alex Jones' Former Wife Sues for Custody of Children

Apr 18, 2017

Infowars host Alex Jones has found himself suddenly in a custody battle with his former wife, Kelly Jones, who had originally agreed to let the children live with their father. But when she changed her mind and sought a way to justify a change of custody, it was relatively easy to sit back and wait for another studio rant from Jones in order to go to court and make the claim he was an unfit parent.

She got her chance when on March 30, Alex Jones called Rep. Adam Schiff verious expletives after Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called for an investigation into Trump's Russia ties. She is claiming in Family Court that the threats against Schiff could constitute a crime. Threatening a government official can carry a maximum of 5-10 years in prison, if it is considered serious.

But Jones and his lawyers came up with a rather novel defense. According to his lawyer, Jones is a “performance artist” who is just “playing a character role" on his TV and radio show. The show is the most popular alternative media show by far with millions of listeners daily.