Turkey Votes for Strong President Rule

Apr 17, 2017

Amid considerable irregularities in voting, the President’s referendum modifying the constitution was passed by voters authoring a change in Turkey’s system of government. Whereas it was a standard Parliamentary system, it is now a “Strong President” system; granting the president increased powers to appoint a large number of members of the Supreme Court, while dramatically reducing the powers of Congress. This latest move by Recep Erdogan to consolidate power and marginalize the growing opposition has met with strong European disapproval and does not help Turkey’s chances of joining the EU.

International Election monitors complained that the Erdogan controlled Electoral Boards was allowing ballots to be accepted that did not have an official stamp on them. Here in the US, Turkey is investigating the role of Senator Chuck Shumer and former CIA Director John Brennan in assisting exiled Turkish opposition leader Gulen, who resides in NY state.